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Mobile crushing station

jaw movable break

jaw movable break

Product electronic sample:
Introduction to the type of mobile crushing station:
Shanghai Hengyuan type mobile crushing station is based on the original equipment, which greatly expands the concept of rough machining operations. Hengyuan's design tenet is to take the customer's position and take the obstacles that eliminate the crushing site and environment to the customer's crushing operation as the primary solution, and provide customers with efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities, and achieved good results.
The principle of the mobile type mobile crushing station:
The stone material is uniformly transported into the crusher through the conveying equipment. After the crusher is crushed and crushed, the closed circuit system is formed by the vibrating screen to realize the circulating crushing of the material, and the finished material is output by the belt conveyor for continuous crushing operation. The mobile type mobile crushing station can also remove the circular vibrating screen equipment according to the actual production needs, and realize the direct crushing of the materials directly. It is convenient and flexible to operate with other crushing equipment.
jaw type mobile crushing station features:
1. The Squat type mobile crushing station can reduce the transportation cost of materials, and can process materials on site without the need to move the materials away from the site for processing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
2. The working line of the mobile jaw crushing station is relatively short. Different crusher equipments are installed on the movable chassis of the crushing station, with short wheelbase and small turning radius, which can be flexibly driven in ordinary roads and working areas.
3. The combination of crushing stations is flexible and adaptable. According to different crushing process requirements, it can be composed of “first crushing and then sieving”, or it can be composed of “first screening and then crushing” process. It can also be combined into coarse crushing and fine crushing two-stage crushing screening system according to actual needs, and can also be combined into The coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing three-stage crushing and screening system can also operate independently and have great flexibility.
Hengyuan Squat type mobile crushing station parameters:
Model Feeder
machine model
Belt machine
Tire configuration Extended belt
Generator Processing
Power(kw) Dimensions(mm) Weight(t)
YPE69 GZD960*3800 PE600*900 650*7M Combined with two axes Optional Optional 70-150 91.5 13200*2900*4700 42
YPE75 GZD1100*4200 PE750*1060 800*9M Combined three axes Optional Optional 90-120 134 15000*3100*5100 55
YPE912 GZD1300*4900 PE900*1200 1000*11M Combined four axes Optional Optional 150-300 146 17000*3300*5600 72

Note: Parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please contact us.


Picture of the mobile crushing station:





Oyster mobile crushing station video:
Oyster mobile crushing station price:
The price is determined by the customer's model, so please call us.
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