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Mobile crushing station

Cone mobile station

Cone mobile station

Product electronic sample:
Introduction to Conical Mobile Crushing Station:
Cone mobile crushing station, also known as tire cone moving crushing station, cone moving, is mainly used for material processing such as building materials, hydropower, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., which are often required for relocation operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. The operation of stone materials. Users can use a variety of configurations depending on the type of processing materials, size and finished material requirements. The tire-type cone moving crushing station is especially suitable for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste disposal and construction waste.
The principle of the cone moving crushing station:
The working principle of the cone-shaped mobile crushing station is that when the mobile breaks and moves, the traction frame is provided by the trailer to support the walking by the tire of the frame itself. When installing, rely on external power, control the hydraulic cylinder and other actions through the hydraulic electronic control system to complete the equipment installation. When working, rely on external power to drive the main machine and auxiliary equipment motor to drive the equipment to work. After the material is broken or sieved from the silo or belt conveyor into the cone crusher, it is discharged through the belt conveyor.
Cone moving crushing station features:
1. In-vehicle installation with integrated belt conveyor and crusher
2, steering the traction shaft, easy to transport roads and site depth
3, car installation support, equipment venue is fast and convenient
4, vehicle-mounted motor and control box integration
5. High-performance cone crusher combined with vibrating screen
6. High-performance vibrating screen and belt conveyor integrated with crusher
Constant source conical mobile crushing station parameters:
Model Vibrating screen
Cone broken
Belt machine
Generator Processing
3YPY900 3YZS1548 PYB900 B500*7M Combined with two axes Optional 50-200 70-80 13000*2800*6400 43
3YPY1300 3YZS1848 PYB1300 B650*7M Combined with two axes Optional 70-300 99-134 13000*3000*6700 47
3YPY1860 3YZS1860 PF1600 B650*8M Combined three axes Optional 120-400 212-220 14000*3000*6700 53
3YPY2100 3YZS2160 HP220 B800*8M Combined three axes Optional 140-450 258-270 14000*3200*6700 58
Note: Parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please contact us.
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Cone mobile crushing station video:
Cone moving crushing station price:
The price is determined by the customer's model, so please call us.
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