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Liaoning 600 tons / hour sandstone production line installat

On May 28, 2019, the 600t/h sandstone production line equipment delivered by the company to Liaoning customers was intensively installed. The crusher has a wide variety of equipment. The estimated installation period is about 2 weeks. The company will pay close attention to the installation process. And release in time.
On-site installation of gravel production line
Sandstone production line installation site
Crusher equipment installation site

Crusher production line
The crusher equipment and functions of this shipment:
1. One PV-912 jaw crusher (as a head break)
2, 4YK-2475 four-layer vibrating screen two (to counterattack the broken feed to screen the sand particle size)
3, 2YK-2475 four-layer vibrating screen two (for high-efficiency fine crushing machine to screen gravel particle size)
4, 2YK-2160 vibrating screen one (screening sand and gravel size for crusher equipment)
5, PF-1515 impact crusher two (as two broken)
6, PX-1616 high fine crusher two (as three broken)
7. One ZSW-600×1300 vibrating feeder (for the broken feed)
8, GZG-1253 hanging feeder four (for smashing feed)
9, GZG-703 hanging feeder four (for three broken feed)
10. A batch of other crusher accessories (runner plate, upper liner, lower liner, anvil ring, open rotor, internal and external vertical knife, etc.)
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